After years of fixing sticks and keeping our customers money where it belongs, we are proud to announce our first line of Original Stick Fix™ Sticks.


Introducing the Stick Fix Sabre Pro designed by the experts here at Stick Fix. We wanted to create the perfect stick for the all around player,  a stick that will perform as hard as you do! This stick was designed with comfort, looks, durability, and longevity in mind... not only does it look and feel great, but it has proven that it will last!

For the more competitive, elite hockey players out there that want the same great feel, and great looks, but want one of the lightest sticks on the market, we introduce to you the brand new Sabre Pro Lite! New for this upcoming season, the Sabre Pro Lite comes in a variety of curves and flexes, as well as four great new colours!

Don't let the big guys fool you, we are specialized in skate sharpening and trusted in the community to deliver you the best quality sharpening to give you an edge on the competition. 

Not only do we sharpen your skates, we can also repair your skates. No problem to replace holders, blades, eyelets, and rivets, but who else can repair the actual boot of your skate?


Whether its a broken toe, or the ankle guards have torn off, it doesn't matter. With our carbon fiber repair process, we can fix it!

Stick Fix Hockey Stick Repair

At Stick Fix, we can fix any type of stick break with our expert developed repair process. From shaft to toe, we are confident that we can repair any stick you bring to us.

30/30 Warranty Policy
We back all of our sticks, new and used, with a 30 day repair warranty. If you break a stick within 30 days of the purchase date, we will repair the stick at no charge OR offer you a $30 discount on a new stick.




Carbon Fiber Repair


Whether its made from wood, composite, fiberglass, carbon fiber and most plastics, our Stick Fix process allows us to repair it with carbon fiber:

  • Hockey Skates

  • Bike frames

  • Kayaks

  • Wake/paddle boards

  • Paddles

  • Automotive Parts

  • RV accessories

  • ATV parts

  • Snowmobile parts

  • Vehicle accessories

**Contact for inquiry on other  carbon fiber items**


We are now pleased to offer carbon fiber wraps!

  • Street bikes

  • Car parts

  • Snowmobile parts

  • Gas tanks

  • Spoilers

  • Hood scoops


 And much more!






**Contact for inquiry on carbon fiber wraps**

Automotive Wraps by Stick Fix


Along with Carbon Fiber wraps, we are proud to offer vinyl wrap application. Stick Fix Okanagan is 3M certified in vinyl wrapping and we are working towards becoming

a 3M preferred business! 

Vinyl is a great option to put

over our repairs, as well as

a great option to put over

products strictly for cosmetic purposes.


Vinyl wraps come in a variety of colours and styles and offer a cost effective option to renew the look and durability of various items.

  • Car wraps 

  • Boat wraps

  • Truck wraps

  • Street bike wraps

  • ATV wraps

  • Snowmobile wraps

and much more!

**Contact for inquiry on Vinyl Wraps**

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Stick Fix offers a range of used sporting equipment which is sanitized using our Sani Sport machine. Selection may vary.

  •  Hockey Pads

  •  Soccer Shin Guards & Shoes

  •  Golf Shoes

  •  Skiing & Snowboarding Equipment


     and more!


We are an Authorized Flare Skate Blade dealer. We can match any skate boot to the flare blade and holder. 

With over a decade of extensive Research and Development, Flare Blades have been tested again and again by hockey players at all levels, including the pros. An independent study was conducted by the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab, proving the considerable increase in performance. 


At Stick Fix Okanagan, we have a Sani Sport equipment cleaner which has the ability to sanitize, disinfect and protect your gear from

  • Hockey gear

  • Football gear

  • Baseball gear

  • Soccer gear

  • Police bullet proof vests

  • Fire fighters gear

  • Scuba gear

  • Military gear

  • Homeland security gear

  • Work boots

The Sani Sport machine is trusted by more than 55 professional sports teams and more than 165 military and law enforcement agencies to significantly reduce bacteria and foul odours from their protective equipment.

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