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After years of fixing sticks and keeping our customers money where it belongs, we are proud to announce our first line of Original Stickfix™ Sticks.


Introducing the StickFix Sabre Pro Lite designed by the experts here at StickFix Okanagan. We wanted to create the perfect stick for every player, one that will perform as hard as you do.


  • The Sabre Pro Lite is made by true one-piece compression molding process, it gives players a responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom.
  • Stick has a Mid-kick flex profile, Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort. 
  • Extra reinforment connection at the blade and shaft, increases puck control and shot accuracy.
  • NANO resin system extend the life of the sticks shaft and improves the overall durability of the stick.
  • EPOXY FOAM reduces blade weight and probably most importantly increases blade durability.

Stick Fix Sabre Pro Lite Senior

  • 30/30 Warranty Policy

    We back all of our sticks, new and used, with a 30 day repair warranty. If you break a stick within 30 days of the purchase date, we will repair the stick at no charge OR offer you a $30 discount on a new stick.

  • • Level of Play Guideline: Elite, Pro.

    • Construction: True one-piece.

    • Shaft Dimensions: Square Corners / Double Concave Sidewalls.

    • Flex Point: Lower Shaft.

    • Materials:100% carbon fiber.

    • Weight: 420g (based on P92 flex 85 left hand stick) .

    • 5 curves available.

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